Dachshund Puppy vs. Ghost Crab: I loved every second of this

I love how the dogs having a blast and the crab thinks its about to die.

Awesome tactics by the crab. He was always making his way for the ocean no matter what angle the dog came from.

The ending scene was the best. Where’d that thing go?

“And so I turned and looked out to sea, reminiscing over the short time I had spent with him. The memories were ever so sweet but became quickly bitter upon the realization that I may never see him again, my friend and companion Crab” -Dog

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That ending though, when he looks out into the ocean.

"Where did you go, new best friend?"

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Drawn Girl (tumblr cut)

Drawn Girl (tumblr cut)

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I want this. I want to put this in my frontyard, near some dirt, and hope people pass by and laugh.